Craft Market

2016 Craft Markets/Events:
29 May (Sunday), 10am - 2pm, Tititrangi Village Market

Friday, 29 April 2016

Dyeing to make more journals

Seems like grey autumn days are upon us, loving the cooler weather and changing colours of the leaves. I must make some time to go out and enjoy while it last.

This is the only journal I made this week. I have been slow in making new ones lately. It will be listed soon, waiting for the sun to come out for better lighting to take photos.

New shibori journal.

I have been dyeing fabric to make into new journal covers, I am pleased with the results of the new shibori patterns that I am experimenting, this is one of them. I like the simplicity and zen feel to this one. I love circles :)

New journals with new patterns coming to the shop soon and I am very excited.


Meanwhile, in the garden...

The explosion of yellow! The Ajania pacifica (silver and gold) finally bloomed, what a beauty!

A close up of the tiny yellow flowers. It is lovely and brings some much needed colour.

This is another one, Ajania pacifica (pink ice). The petals are still opening.

Well, gumboots on and weeding time again this weekend, if weather permits.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Sprucing up Etsy shop

I'm making some big changes to my Etsy shop this month, Etsy rolled out a new layout for our shop front and along with it changes that I need to do to comply with Etsy. I've been re-shooting photos and re-editing my shop. Also, another big news is that I will be taking my colourful fabric journals off my shop by end of the month. It has not been an easy decision and I have been mulling on this for quite a while and don't even know if this is a right decision, but I will go ahead with it for now. Sprucing up my shop and moving the chi a little. From here onwards I will be focusing on my shibori and woodblock print journals.

So right now both the colourful fabric journals, large (A5 size) and small (A6 size) are 30% off till end of the month. Visit my shop and look for the section "Large journal A5" and "Small journal A6" to see if anything calls to you.

Here's my latest journal I completed yesterday. A lotus journal. It can be used as a yoga or meditation journal or a personal diary for writing heart thoughts. It is listed in my Etsy shop.


On to the garden...

My viggies are doing well, I planted some bok choy next to the tat soi and happy that they are doing well too. We have already been eating some of the veggies. On the top right just below my red chillies are rockets growing that I had grown from seeds. Not really a rocket fan, but not wanting to waste that tiny patch.

I have cared for this lemon tree since we moved into this house almost two years now, when we first moved in, it was just a stump with not a single leave on and I didn't even know what tree it was, I had wanted to pull the whole thing out, but decided to give it a second chance, cleared the bottom area, sprinkled some clay breaker and organic liquid fertiliser and two years on, this! A healthy lemon tree with about ten lemons on, I'm very happy with it.

Bought some happy blooms from the garden centre, just couldn't help myself to this sweet colours!

Finally, a photo of Kiki, as happy as she can be :)

Have a good weekend!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Upcycled notebooks and one silly fly

I've listed some new upcycled notebooks that I made recently. All of which made using recycled materials such as cereal boxes, used envelopes and tiny fabric pieces that I stitched together. The pages are bound using the leftover thread that I used for making my journals. It does take some time to complete as it involves many steps but it is fun to make them.

A small pocket notebook of three pieces of fabric stitched together.

A red bird jotter book, it's a Christmas themed fabric but I do like the little red bird.

I will be listing more in the coming days in my Etsy shop.


The chillies are doing well, turning red more quickly now as the temperature starts to cool. The big chilli isn't as hot as the tiny ones and is my preferred choice. That silly fly landed right when I took this shot, I have been photobombed by a fly! :)

Gene made a bird feeder quite a while ago and after it failed to sell at my monthly market at Titirangi Village, up it went on our tree. Will be nice to see some birds from the kitchen and dining windows.

As for Kiki, I've taken out the igloo for her to curl in again. She still sleeps in the basket during the day when the weather is warmer. Past Tuesday I woke up in the morning with her sleeping under the duvet with her head on my arm like a baby, looking very comfortable indeed, well my heart melted of course, it was rather nice with her warm fur, like a soft teddy bear.

Have a lovely weekend!